About Us

The North Pittsburgh Business Association originated in 1991 with eight charter members. Three of the original eight are still part of the group. During this period we met weekly for breakfast to get to know one another better and to help each other grow their business.

Each meeting begins and ends with personal networking, and features a presentation from a member, or a special invited guest. Topics include the details of a specific business such as a profile of a legal case, expectations for the upcoming tax year, or an overview of the Financial market, to name a few. Invited guests may present their business or cover a topic of general interest to the membership.  A special emphasis is placed on referrals from friends and business associates. The atmosphere is relaxed and interactive.  Membership is restricted to one member per business category, which guides the exchange of referrals.  Social events such as sharing a dinner, attending a Pirate game, or our annnual Christmas party help strengthen relationships.

We support our Community by volunteering to clean up a section of Route 19, several times per year. This requires a couple of hours on a Saturday morning and has been appreciated by our Township.

Prospective members are invited to attend two meetings to determine if there is a fit. If there is interest in joining, a vote is taken in order to confirm acceptance.


President:  Cheryl Mildrich
Secretary:   Chris Chiocchi
Treasurer:   Gary Schick

Community Outreach:   Troy Baer
Membership:   Kevin Dutka
Scheduling:   Gary Koch
Social:   Patty Conner
Web Master:   Stephen Cohen